Security Dogs Available!

"Offering peace of mind."

We have several types of dogs available for sale and at various levels of training. We also offer puppy training programs.

The following breeds are available or may become available for sale:
Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Doberman Pinschers, Pit Bulls, Cane Corsos, Tosa Inus, Mastiffs

Puppy Training Program:

Most of our puppies range from $800-$1200. In addition to the sale of puppies, we also offer fundamental training in obedience, manners, housebreaking, protection imprinting and bite development, as outlined in "The One Month Bronze Program" below.

The One Month Bronze Program:

Our puppy training begins at the age of 8 weeks and is available at the Bronze Program price of $1,250.00 for the month. You'll take possession of your puppy at approximately 12 weeks of age. Still very much a puppy and a handful. Your puppy is trained in the fundamentals of prey drive & grip building, making it easier for you to continue its training.

The Three Month Silver Program:

While your puppy is still under 6 months of age, this comprehensive program takes a puppy to its maximum potential. The Silver Program is priced at $3,499.00.

The training includes:
  • On-leash obedience.
  • Bite development.
  • Foundation Protection Training.
  • Crate training.
  • Familiarizing the puppy to travel in a vehicle.

The Sixteen Month Gold Program:

For those that want a fully trained dog, our Gold Program is for you. This 16 month program takes a dog to it’s maximum potential by the age of 18 months. The Gold Program is priced at $16,999.00.

The training includes:
  • On and off leash obedience.
  • Crate training.
  • Socialization.
  • Travel.
  • Home and vehicle protection.
  • Decoy training.
  • Combat with multiple attackers.

    The Complete K9 Security Platinum Package:
    (The Platinum Package is ONLY offered in the state of Arizona.)

    For those who want a fully trained dog, we recommend "The Complete K9 Security Platinum Package!" which consists of the following:

  • A Custom 10' X 20' Kennel with a Shade Cover(See Illustration #1).
  • A Custom 4' X 8' Dog House.
  • A Custom 2'W X 4'D X 3'H, Wooden Travel Crate for transporting your dog.
  • "The 16 Month Gold Program" described above.

    The price of our Platinum Package is $24,999.00.
    Please note: Depending on how elaborate you want your Kennel built, the package price may change, but we are willing to accommodate.

    Illustration #1

    Custom Kennel with a Shade Cover

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NuVet Plus Vitamin

  • Custom Wooden Dog Crates for the home or vehicle.
  • Custom Dog Houses.
  • Custom Outdoor Kennels & Shelters.
  • Schutzhund Equipment: A-frames, Jumps, Blinds, Custom Agility Obsticles, etc.
  • The Raspador Scratch Boxes for Narcotics dog training.

Below is a list of some of our available K9s

Breed: Rottweiler
Sex: Female
Age: 3 years

Training Status: Level 1 Protection Dog

  • Personal Protection.
  • Basic Obedience.
  • Doggie Door Trained.
  • Crate Trained.

Also Included:
  • A Custom 10' X 20' Kennel with Shade (In the state of Arizona).
  • A Custom Dog House.
  • A Custom Wooden Travel Crate.
  • Full AKC Registration
Price: $24,999.00

Breed: Rottweiler
Sex: Female
Age: 5 weeks
Ranking in the litter: First Pick Female
Price: $2,799.00

A 50% deposit will reserve this puppy. On September 27, 2011, this puppy will be mature enough to go home with her new family. The remaining 50% is due upon pick-up or before shipping.

Mother is a Federation Cynologique Internationale (F.C.I.) Champion. The mother is also a daughter of the late World Champion Bronko od Dragicevica.

Her father is a Grandson of Champion Gil von Hause Milsped.